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Missing Your Favourite Kinnegar in the West of Ireland?

We recently changed our distribution partner for the west of Ireland. And while we hope the transition will go as smoothly as possible, we can’t rule out the odd bump or two in the supply chain.

But don’t despair! Should you find yourself unable to get your favourite Kinnegar in your favourite pub, restaurant or off-license, be sure to let the staff know that they can either contact us here at the brewery or else call Paul Russell of Grand Cru Beers on 086 185 2944. Between us, we’ll get the beer flowing to them again.

And a big thanks, as ever, for your continued support.

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Where was Kinnegar four years ago?

As the clock ticks rapidly in the direction of K2, it’s hard not to think back to what was going on when K1 was coming to life. We’re going to root out some photos of the development phase over the next few days but this photo provides the answer to the first question.

Four years ago, in January 2013, we were still working in the pilot brewery. Rick brewed. Libby packaged. Very straightforward. Here’s a rare photo of Rick at work in what our future American intern, Maxmarie, would immortally dub “Minniegar”. Photography in the steam-filled room was always a bit of a challenge.

We brewed 50L batches and production, by the time we moved out of Minniegar, was 150L per week. That translated into an average of 120L of packaged product, or 240 bottles of beer a week.

Limeburner, Devil’s Backbone, Scraggy Bay and Rustbucket were all born in Minniegar.


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Proud to be Independent Irish Craft Beer


Today we’re proud to make a small but immensely significant update to our admittedly antiquated website. Those of you lucky enough to be viewing it on a desktop may rotate your eyes slightly to the right and note the Independent Irish Craft Beer symbol at the side of this page.

At a time when our big beer brethern have disgraced themselves, we intend to beat the drum with renewed vigour to herald the presence of the quality beers that we brew and bottle in our independently-owned brewery in Ireland.

On the 3 October 2016, the Independent Craft Brewers of Ireland (ICBI) launched the official symbol for independently brewed Irish craft beer. This symbol differentiates real Irish craft beer from the less authentic pretenders. It reassures consumers that what’s in their glass is an Irish beer made from start to finish at an independently-owned Irish microbrewery.

Over the coming months we’ll be proudly displaying the symbol on our packaging, promotional material and in every other meaningful context.

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Belfast beats the craft beer drum

April has a distinctly busy feel to it, despite the absence of its usual tenant, Easter. Amongst a lengthening list of activities, two trips to Belfast feature prominently on the Kinnegar calendar. We’re not the only ones focussed on the Lagan — The Guardian has already been doing some legwork scouting for craft beer (> read here):

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 11.45.47

Tomorrow, Saturday 9 April, Rick will be at BrewBot for a Kinnegar Tap Takeover featuring an eclectic-sounding beer and food pairing menu. Tickets for the main menu are long sold out but don’t let that stop you going along to enjoy the full range of beers.

And on 21/22/23 April, we’ll be setting out our stall for the inaugural Belfast Craft Beer Festival at Custom House Square. There we’ll join an impressive line-up of friends and colleagues from Ireland’s fertile brewing landscape.

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How did we end up here?

Walk on the Kinnegar_3408

Anita Guidera and Don McMahan of Soft Irish Rain Productions asked the question as part of their 10-part documentary series for Highland Radio.

> You can listen to the answer here.

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Tom gets us out of a tight squeeze with a tight squeeze

A Tight Squeeze ZW

On a day when we had a dire need for cases and empty kegs Tom pulled out all the stops: 6 pallets of cases and 7 empty kegs in Big Red. An all-time record. All in a day’s work for Tom…

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The Tea Break

Tea Break_0541

Spring sunshine quickly banishes memories  of last week’s winter…

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