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Proud to be Independent Irish Craft Beer


Today we’re proud to make a small but immensely significant update to our admittedly antiquated website. Those of you lucky enough to be viewing it on a desktop may rotate your eyes slightly to the right and note the Independent Irish Craft Beer symbol at the side of this page.

At a time when our big beer brethern have disgraced themselves, we intend to beat the drum with renewed vigour to herald the presence of the quality beers that we brew and bottle in our independently-owned brewery in Ireland.

On the 3 October 2016, the Independent Craft Brewers of Ireland (ICBI) launched the official symbol for independently brewed Irish craft beer. This symbol differentiates real Irish craft beer from the less authentic pretenders. It reassures consumers that what’s in their glass is an Irish beer made from start to finish at an independently-owned Irish microbrewery.

Over the coming months we’ll be proudly displaying the symbol on our packaging, promotional material and in every other meaningful context.

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