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‘Untitled’ Kettle Sour IV ready for Belfast Craft Beer Fest


What? No proper name! That’s right, the fourth in our Kettle Sour Series is being subjected to the usual agonising journey through the tortured terrain of Rick’s brain in the hunt for a name. Making the beer must be a piece of cake by comparison…

We’re loading in for the new Belfast Craft Beer Fest this Wednesday evening but the ultimate deadline for the name is David’s departure from Donegal on Thursday morning. By then he needs a tapbadge in his pocket. And until then, Rick refuses to break a sweat.

You’ve already experienced Geuzberry, Brownknowe and High Glen. This new member of the kettle sour family takes its cue from the white wine making regions of southern Germany, engaging the lovely Hallertau Blanc hop in a recipe for Spring.

Join us on the Lagan this Thursday, Friday and Saturday for a brand new festival experience. We’ll publish our full beer listing shortly. And yes, the words White and Black do figure prominently on the menu.

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