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What makes a brewer tick?


What makes a brewer tick? In the humble opinion of Mrs Kinnegar, it’s the sheer diversity of challenges that brewers meet in the normal course of their working lives. Is there any other career that demands such a range of skills? Chemistry, biology, engineering, cooking and much, much more (not to talk of actually running the business and selling the beer, if you happen to be responsible for minor little details like these on the side).

Readiness to tackle any task is a prerequisite for any brewer. Today the task was servicing the heat exchanger. Rachel documented part of the process to illustrate that Rick does actually lift a finger occasionally. Dismantling the brew house and heat exchanger is a bit like taking an old clock to pieces. You reassemble it and wonder will it work okay without the various pieces you have left over. Rick didn’t have a job as a teenager assembling bicycles at Christmas time for nothing. Tom was there to bail him out, just in case…



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