Farmhouse beers from Donegal

Buoyed by kind words, Kinnegar navigates the racing waters

Rick is a keen sailor but his little boat, Tempo, hasn’t even touched the Swilly since spending the summer gathering barnacles and slime on her mooring in 2013. We knew that things would be hectic when we put in our new brewery but nothing could have prepared us for what happened. And it’s been happening to every new brewery in the country. Small independent breweries are going from strength to strength and we’re thrilled to be part of the action.

As we navigate these metaphorical waters, we’re very grateful for the ongoing encouragement we receive from journalists, bloggers, film and radio producers, and of course from our most important audience, those who simply drink and enjoy our beers. This week we’ve been thrilled to see three of our beers on Belgian Smaak’s list of 30 beers to try in 2015 while John McKenna‘s praise for the Taproom recently gives us a real boost as we plan the 2015 season with Rathmullan House and Scarpello & Co.

Eric Bishop & Mitch Rossiter have just published “Follow The Hops“, the film they made about us last summer when they spent time in Donegal doing project work for their degrees at Ohio State University. Looking at our old bottling machine reminds us of just how much progress we’ve made in the past six months! Follow the Hops

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