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Making strides

Last week was fairly monumental in the short life of Kinnegar Brewing. Having manhandled the first of our 20HL fermenters into position in mid-November, we recently successfully brewed our first double batch of Limeburner into it. Last week these precious 20HL were transferred in to our new bright tank, comfortably housed in a slightly more spacious conditioning cellar. In the new packaging area, our little bottling line was installed on the same day. With lots of chaos, a steep learning curve, and a heartbreaking quota of precious Rustbucket disappearing down the drain, the little beauty was successfully commissioned and the lives of our packaging staff were changed forever.

Labeling still continues at its usual plodding pace — that’s a project for another day…

Today is the first day of the new routine, unassisted by the Meheen-master, Karl from Oasthouse. A 1000L batch of Limeburner will shortly be followed by a batch of Black Bucket. We’re doing okay so far so there should be plenty of beer for Christmas rolling out of Donegal when pallets are collected on Wednesday and Friday.


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