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Kinnegar Brewing selected as National Finalist for 2014 Startup Awards

We’re thrilled to have been selected as a National Finalist in the Bank of Ireland 2014 Startup Awards in two different categories – Food & Drink Entrepreneurial Startup of the Year and Home or Craft Based Startup of the Year.

The competition on the shortlist looks very impressive – there seems to be an abundance of good new Startups with great products and a wealth of good ideas emerging at the moment. Which is great to see and hopefully a good indicator that the future is looking brighter for the Irish economy, but it’s a little intimidating from where we’re sitting.

The next step in the process involves what is described as a ‘Dragon’s Den’ style interview with the judging panel. Guess that means we should expect a good old grilling and plenty of tough questions. Nothing like a little more pressure to spice up the rest of the week.

For more information on the awards visit 2014 Startup Awards

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