Farmhouse beers from Donegal

Coming up for air

Nobody said it would be easy. At Kinnegar the heatwave of 2013 will be forever associated with the commissioning of the new brewery. The sun blazed overhead and dust clouds billowed around the building as work continued frantically on marathon days that are seared for eternity on our memories. Today we’ve brewed our first batch of Devil’s Backbone and it joins Scraggy Bay and Limeburner in the fermentation vessels. Tomorrow Scraggy Bay moves into the conditioning cellar and Rustbucket will take its rightful place in FV1 as we complete Round 1 in our new brewhouse.

Next week we move on to packaging and will work our way doggedly up the inevitably steep learning curve. All that’s left after that is a bit of time in the cellar. Nearly there.

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