Farmhouse beers from Donegal

Millimeter by millimeter towards the finish line

Massive freight lorries dwarf the countryside around the brewery and driving them up the lane to the building is out of the question. Appropriately, it was the lay-by at the Kinnegar that gave us the space to off-load the precious cargo and transport it pallet by pallet the short distance along the road and up the lane to the brewery. Even the lane proved made-to-measure at exactly 2400mm wide at it’s narrowest point, allowing James and his Manitou to squeak through with the biggest pallets, scraping the odd tendril of ivy off the stone walls in the verge.

With all the pallets parked safely in the stable yard, the puzzle of manoeuvering each element into the brewery began. A massive collective effort followed, spearheaded by James driving his brute of a teleporter with the skill of a brain surgeon, and in it all went. As we say here, it was a hairy handling!

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