Farmhouse beers from Donegal

Undercover brewery

With time ticking away we’re beginning to think less about the building and focus instead on the brewhouse which is gradually coming together in northern Germany. Not to talk of all the myriad other details that are part of making beer and getting it out into the marketplace.

The beauty of the building is that we already have the feeling that it has always been around. That’s exactly what we were hoping for when we commissioned our friends at MacGabhann Architects to design the structure. They’ve succeeded beautifully in contextualising the brewery in the surrounding environment — not surprising given their track record of positioning modern buildings in the rural landscape. We hardly notice it any more.

By now we’re down to the electrics, plumbing, cold room features, floor surfaces and minimal interior fit-out. James has everything well in hand and all his crew continue to work like trojans. All going well, the brewhouse will wave goodbye to German shores on 28 June and will arrive in its new home within the following week. We’re beginning to count the days.

IMG_1302 IMG_1303

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