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Doberman or Jack Russell?

A Question of Scale

We mentioned at the outset that Kinnegar’s new facility will have a 10HL capacity. How exactly we house this magical equipment is another question entirely. With  construction advancing at a rate of knots, yesterday we got our first proper impression of the space in which we’ll be working. We sent in the brewery hound, Zack, to give you a sense of scale. Now you just have to work out whether Zack is a Doberman or a miniature Jack Russell?

Doberman or Jack Russell

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Our desire to embed the brewery in a mature rural cluster limits the scope of the physical space considerably. Consequently a lot of thought has had to go in to juggling the essential layout and planning the logistics of production. The speed of the construction has been rapid in comparison to the planning — blink and you miss it.

01 Shuttering+Rebar 1_1074

02 Pouring_1081

03 From inside_1076

04 Shuttering_1095

05 Shuttering_1088a

06 Tunnel Vision_1092

07 Walls_0334

08 Walls_0331

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