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Concrete & Rebar

Our local butcher Pat Patton has a great view from the counter of his pristine shop overlooking the Swilly and Inch Island. He monitors what’s happening in the area by the traffic that passes his window. “There was a time not so long ago when nobody batted an eyelid if a concrete mixer passed through Rathmullan”, he said this afternoon. Today the sight of the red lorries on their way to our building site caught his eye.

Concrete Mixers

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The foundations of the brewery have been poured and this morning the first batch of rebar appeared. A total of 3 tons of it will be used before our simple building is complete.

Concrete Mixer_0297

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While some breweries keep Clydesdales in their back yard, Kinnegar, in keeping with our modest size, is happier with smaller equine models. The largest is Fenway, a cross between Ireland’s two great native breeds, the Irish Draught and Connemara. Coming to terms with the clattering and banging directly behind his stable has taken him a while. It isn’t easy explaining to even the smartest of horses that the supply of spent grain from the new building will shortly make all the disturbance very worthwhile.


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